Spa Experiences

The Mediterranean Float

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • The fully loaded skin-luxe facial & body duo 90 mins £85.00 £93.50

Packed with delicious ingredients, your mind will escape during this treatment as your body is polished and nourished with our Sugar Buff, prior to being cocooned in an aromatic infusion to soften and hydrate. Your rejuvenating facial contains our unique Mediterranean marinade. The results….? A totally smoothed and soothed skin, head to toe.

A Brush With Heaven

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Totally unique face & body treatment using only brushes 90 mins £85.00 £93.50

Imagine the sensation from a sequence of brushes in varying sizes and textures being used from top-to-toe, to massage, stimulate, drain toxins and smooth on delicious preparations to the face and body. Once lavished in rich warm body oil, you will be cocooned, then treated to the exclusive Temple Spa facial treatment, carried out entirely with brushes while you doze. Heaven!

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