My New Hair (Wigs)

Welcome to our new service offered to clients who have lost or are losing their hair.

We have received the latest, intensive training in London from Trevor Sorbie MBE (founder of mynewhair),  to ensure that we can offer the best service available to clients in this life changing situation.

We offer an initial FREE consultation where you can sit down and discuss your requirements, look through pictures and colour match to your skin tone.

Once you have selected your new style, we will then book you in for a fitting where your 'newhair'(wig) is cut into the style you want to ensure it looks natural, attractive and feminine.

Here is what Trevor Sorbie MBE has to say about this new venture:

'I feel my incredible career to date has led me to this moment, this oppurtunity to help people and I am so grateful that I have the skills to pull this off. My New Hair isnt just about hair, it's psychological medicine for women suffering from hair loss through illness and for many of the women I have seen it's the missing link in their treatment.'

** Wigs start from just £65.00 & all appointments are carried out in Needlemakers, our private room**

* Please note that we dont stock wigs in the salon *

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It’s easy to book your appointment online or you can call us today on 01243 778804.

Opening Times

Day Time
Monday 9.00-6.00
Tuesday 9.00-7.30
Wednesday 9.00-7.30
Thursday 9.00-6.00
Friday 9.00-6.00
Saturday 8.30-5.00