Mediterranean massages

Each massage is delivered on a gorgeous floating HYDROTHERM WATER CUSHION – leaving you feeling dreamy, nurtured and totally at ease. These body temperature, water-filled mattresses hug your curves and ensure that at all times the body is supported - a truly amazing experience. The weightless feeling is also perfect for mums to be, bodies that are showing a bit of wear and tear or those feeling a bit delicate or fragile. If you prefer a massage that is performed with you only lying on your back (i.e. no turning over needed), ask your therapist who can advise you as to which one to choose.

Drift Away

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Back Massage 25 mins £30.80 £33.90
  • Relaxing Full Body Massage 55 mins £60.50 £66.00
  • Relaxing Full Body Massage 85 mins £82.00 £88.20

This is our really relaxing top-to-toe massage, formulated with a dreamy blend of essential oils, guaranteed to have you drifting away. It’s completed with a face and scalp massage using our aromatherapy resting cream Repose. It will soothe frazzled nerves, relaxing the muscles and the mind.We'll wind you down and take your mind off your thoughts for a while.

In Good Spirits

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Back Massage 25 mins £30.80 £33.90
  • Energising Full Body Massage 55 mins £60.50 £66.00
  • Energising Full Body Massage 85 mins £81.00 £90.00

An invigorating massage designed to leave you full of vitality. We use a gorgeous blend of Mediterranean essential oils that are carefully chosen to stimulate and refresh the skin, body & soul. The clever massage movements encourage circulation and stimulate the whole body. The treatment concludes with a face mask and scalp massage. Your aching muscles will feel eased and soothed, guaranteed to restore and revive you top-to-toe.

Work It Out Massage

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Back Massage 25 mins £30.80 £33.90
  • Detoxing/Muscle Workout Massage 55 mins £60.50 £66.00
  • Detoxing/Muscle Workout Massage 85 mins £81.00 £90.00

A detoxifying massage that will sculpt the body, relieve fluid retention and work out tired muscles, using the ingenious WORK IT OUT detox oil. First we start with a full body brushing to get the circulation going and improve lymph drainage. Then we perform a really deep tissue, body boosting massage with special techniques to really give your muscles a work out - working on tension, tightness and helping the detox process. Detox-licious!

New Beginnings Pregnancy Massage

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Mummy To Be Massage 60 mins £62.00 £68.00
  • Mummy To Be Massage 30 mins £31.50 £35.00

Pregnancy is a most wonderful time that requires treatments specially designed just for you. You will enjoy a full body massage or back massage, without the need to lie on your tummy. Our specially trained therapists know exactly how to work those sore tired muscles while you feel completely comfortable and relaxed.

Mediterranean Sea Massage

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Float Your Stress Away 60 mins £60.00 £66.00

A most wonderful massage experience utilising the world’s first Hydrotherm 3D massage system. A new dimension in the healing art of massage. Total revitalisation, regeneration and harmony whilst you are lying face up on cushions of warm water. A deep and profoundly relaxing massage technique, surpassing both the effects and benefits of conventional massage therapy. The Mediterranean Sea massage is for mind, body and spirit.

Above The Clouds

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Buzby and Blue Signature Treatment 60 mins £62.00 £68.00

This indulgent treatment will leave you feeling nurtured and as though you’re walking on air. Following a foot soak, exfoliation and massage, you are treated to a dreamy back massage on our heated water cushions. The treatment concludes with a hydrating face mask and scalp massage. All over body bliss.


  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Reflexology 55 mins £66.00

This is a unique massage for your feet, working on the reflex points that correspond to the areas in your body, this super relaxing massage will help restore lost energy and rebalance the body and the mind.

Indian Head Massage

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Indian Head Massage 25 mins £30.80 £33.90

This incredibly relaxing massage focuses on areas of tension in your head, neck and shoulders. It will help to soothe tense and aching muscles and bring a sense of well-being both physically and psychologically. The perfect treatment for someone who needs instant relaxation.

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