Prescription and skin boosting Facials

My Kinda Skin

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • My Kinda Skin - Bespoke Prescription Facial 60 mins £60.00 £66.00

Are you the sensitive type? Classic combination? Dreadfully dry? Perhaps you’re not sure? Let us analyse your skin and prepare a wonderful treatment using products specifically for your skin type.This gorgeous facial includes a face mask, lymph drainage and a face, scalp, hand and arm massage of your choice - choose from tranquil or lifting. You will feel amazing and your skin will look so, so good.

The Power Breakfast Facial

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Express Facial for all skin types 30 mins £35.00 £38.50

If you are looking for quick results, need to look your best and don’t have much time, this is the one for you. We have taken all the ingredients that you would find in a healthy breakfast, to create this revitalising facial. Includes a deep cleaning power cleanse, nutritious mask, lymph drainage massage and wonderful scalp massage. Now you are ready!

Windows Of The Soul

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Divine Eye Treatment 30 mins £35.00 £38.50

Perfect for when you looking tired or run down, this treatment is designed for the delicate eye area that requires special attention. Using intensive formulations and ‘cold therapy’ tightens and tones the eye area, plus specialised eye massage techniques are carried out to lift, smooth and revitalise. This is the one to put the sparkle back into your eyes. It’s lovely to add to any facial, or by itself.

Oxygen Infused Filler Facial

  • Time Therapist Beauty Manager
  • Oxygen Infused Filler Facial 75 minutes £110.00
  • Oxygen Infused Filler Facial - Course of 4 £380.00
  • Oxygen Infused Filler Facial - Course of 6 £550.00

This is an oxygen infusion facial treatment that allows us to infuse the skin with hyaluronic acids and vitamins. Natural fillers penetrate faster through the skin and are easier to absorb due to nanotechnology during the oxygen infusion process.

This treatment will help to plump, rehydrate, smooth fine lines, and brighten your skin with instant results after just one! Recommended course of 6 for best results.

A course of 4-6 treatments followed by maintenance treatments is recommended for best long term results however you will notice a difference after one.

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