Blog: 10 Common Hair Myths

If you pluck one grey hair, two will grow bacK

False: If you get rid of a noticeable grey hair, don’t worry about two growing back in its place, grey hairs are only due to aging and genetics. However It is not advised to pluck hairs as it can prevent hairs growing in the same spot, so if you notice a considerable amount of grey hair, then it’s simple - go to your hairdressers and get it covered.


Having Dandruff Means you havE a dry scalp

False: Dandruff is commonly caused by a yeast which needs an oily scalp to thrive in, however dandruff will cause you to have a dry scalp as a result. Do not leave your hair unwashed for too long as you need to get rid of the oils feeding the dandruff, and the recommend thing to do is pick up a medicated shampoo specifically for dandruff to get rid of it. We recommend the Redken Scalp Reflief available for purchase at our salon.


Do not use conditioner if you have greasy hair

False: Conditioner does not cause greasy hair, it’s a build up of sebum on the scalp that it naturally produced by the body. Make sure to use the correct type of conditioner in order to prevent the hair from "looking" greasy - avoid conditioners that say “dry” or “intense”, and the conditioner should only be applied to the ends of the hair to stop weighing down the roots.

You should air dry your hair instead of blow drying

False: Blow drying your hair isn’t as bad as you might think. A study has shown that when you leave you hair to air dry, the water left on your hair swells, and the longer the swelling, the more pressure put on the proteins in the strands keeping them intact. The best thing to do is blow dry the hair on a low setting, hold 15cm away and constantly move around the hairdryer to avoid heating parts of the hair for long periods of time.


If you are prone to greasy hair avoid hair oils

False: Hair oil is designed to be used nearer the end of the strands, the scalp is where the oils get produced so as long as you apply through the ends which are often dryer anyway - this is where the hair oil really gets to work.


You must keep switching up your shampoo and conditioner 

False: Stick to a Shampoo and Conditioner you love and that works for your hair. Your cannot become immune to the frequent use of your well loved shampoo and conditioner. The only thing that may cause you to change your shampoo and conditioner is because your hair needs have changed. If you have dyed your hair, you will need products suitable for colour treated hair, or if your hair becomes drier in the winter, you may need something more moisturising etc.


Constantly brush your hair for shinier hair

False: There is no advantages to brushing your hair more than you already do. Brushing can make your hair look thicker, but if you over brush it can lead to damaging the hair’s cuticle, and you probably will loose more hairs as it's normal to get some fallout. 


Trimming hair often makes it grow faster

False: Trimming your hair on a regular basis doesn’t necessarily make your hair grow faster, but the blunt cut across the ends will make it look thicker and healthier, and a regular trim will also keep any split ends at bay which can lead to breakage if left untouched. 


Stress gives you grey hair

False: There is no scientific evidence that claims stress will produce grey hair, but it can cause you to loose hair. If you are already at any age where your body is producing less melanin, then you may notice a few grey hairs grow back as a result of fallout. 


You cannot dye your hair when pregnant 

False: There are no chemicals or toxins that can harm a baby, so it is completey safe to dye you hair during that nine month period. If you’d rather stay all natural during your pregnancy then it is completely down to you, however we always suggest pregnant women seek advice from their midwife.