Blog: How to maintain your eyelash extensions

There’s nothing better than waking up with full fluttery lashes! The only way to achieve this look (unless you’re naturally blessed) is through eyelash extensions. It is recommended to get a lash infill every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking fresh, but wouldn’t it be great if you could keep them looking fuller for longer, or atleast look semi presentable up until your next appointment? Here are a few tips that you can follow to help prolong the lifespan of your eyelash extensions.

Top tips 


1. Try to avoid steam, water and sunbeds for the firSt 48 hours

Give the glue a good amount of time to fully set and harden otherwise any water or steam can loosen the glue bond.

2.  Avoid Oil based products

If you use any products with oil as in ingredient, oil will break down the glue that is keeping your lashes in place causing them to fall out much faster.

3. Dont overbrush your lashes

Most of us would have been given a spooley to brush out any clumps. However brushing them too much or too hard with eventually loosen the bond and you may find a lash comes off on the brush... just be gentle!

4. DO you really need eyeliner?

A lot of us love the winged liner look but do you really need it when your lashes are already giving you the allusion of a bigger and lifted eye? It's less to do with actually wearing the eyeliner and more to do with the removal process. You do not want to rub too hard along the lash line. If you have put eyeliner on for a special occasion the best way to remove it is with micellar water (oil free) and a cotton bud for close precision. Avoid a makeup wipe as the fibres will get caught to your lashes!


5. Be cautious of how you sleep

Before you get into a comfortable sleeping position just be weary of how close your eyes are to the pillow. Try different positions that allow your lashes to stay away from touching the pillow. If you often find that one eye loses its lashes much quicker than the other, chances our that eye is the side you sleep on!

6. Dont rub

We often forget we’re even wearing eyelash extensions, but make it a habit to avoid rubbing directly onto the eye.

7. Regularly cleanse the eye area

Regardless of whether or not you’re wearing eye makeup, make sure to to cleanse the eyelid and under eye area with micellar water. Many of us will have naturally oily eyelids, so it’s important to remove oil at all costs for the eye area. We recommend buying the Lashbase Purifying Cleanser available at our salon for £17.

8. Go for a lighter set

If you find your eyelash extensions are just not playing ball no matter how much you take care of them, try a lighter set of lashes. It may be that your natural lashes are just too weak for the heavier style lashes they are trying to hold up. 

We hope you try out these tips and find them useful! If you clicked on this post because you were curious about eyelash extensions and have never had them before, why not give them a try? Visit our beauty treatments page to see our prices.