New to the salon: YUKO permanent straightening

We are now offering the YUKO permanent straightening service at our salon. This is an incredible solution to achieving permanent poker-straight hair for frizzy, curly or wavy hair types. YUKO is named after Yuko Yamashita who founded the brand back in 1996 and who is passionate about her products, "Looking at women's bright smiles from having confidence in their beautiful hair is the main source of my energy to move forward”.

This treatment is permanent meaning you will only need to get your roots done every 4-6 months. You don't have to worry about this treatment causing any damage to your hair as it is completely safe for the hair, no heat is required during the process. We also provide a deep-conditioning protein treatment which contains vital ingredients to restore dry, damaged hair leaving it super-soft, silky and shiny. The YUKO permanent straightening will save you so much time, just wake up and go - no heating tools needed which means your hair will be much healthier due to the lack of heat being used. The treatment itself takes 3-4 hours which is a fraction of time spent on your hair when you think about the amount of time spent straightening your hair over the years! 

We are giving 10% off all YUKO treatments for a limited time. The price of the treatment is unique to each individual, therefore a price is given during a consultation with one of our hair stylists.

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