Blog: Our top 5 recommended spa treatments at Buzby and Blue

The 15th of August 2019 marks “National Relaxtion Day” here in the U.K., so what better excuse then to treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment (or two!). Granted, we shouldn’t need an “offical” day dedicated to “relaxing” in order for us to actually relax, but sometimes influences like these makes it all the more convincing and something we want to be a part of! 

There are ofcourse many ways to relax such as meditation, chilling back on the sofa or even going for a walk in the fresh air, but sometimes we need to put ourselves into a situation that completely relaxes and recharges the mind, soul and body. We have some fantastic spa treatments here at Buzby and Blue and here are just a few of the indulgent treatments that you can experience for yourself - we promise there is something for everyone.

1.  Drift away

During the session our therapists work from top-to-toe to provide an incredibly tranquil massage to release all anxiety and stress. Formulated with essential oils that will aid you in the process of drifting away from all life’s worries. This completes with a face and scalp massage using our aromatherapy resting cream Repose. Your muscles and mind will be freed from any tension. Once you experience this for the first time, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

”My therapist Mariette was very professional from the start and gave me the most amazing massage. The spa rooms are calm and relaxing and the temple spa products smell fantastic. Would highly recommend the spa at Buzby and Blue.” - Diane.

2. Work it out massage

If you are someone who regularly enjoys working out for mental and physical benefits, then it is important to give your body some extra TLC. This is a detoxifying massage that will sculpt the body, relieve fluid retention revive tired muscles using the WORK IT OUT detox oil. We start with a full body brushing to improve lymph drainage, then we perform a deep tissue, body boosting massage using special techniques to give your muscles a workout without you having to move a muscle! 

3. New beginnings pregnancy massage

This massage is PERFECT for any pregnant women out there! We understand that although pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life, it can take such a toll our bodies. This massage has been specially designed with you in mind - you can enjoy a full body massage without needing to lie on your tummy! Our trained therapists know how to take the strain off of your muscles, leaving you comfortable, peaceful and most importantly... relaxed.

“Had the most amazing pregnancy massage... I’ve had some before but none like the one I had here. I get massages quite a lot and highly rate the therapists here but the pregnancy massage was something else.” - Marie.

4. abovE the clouds

This indulgent treatment will leave you feelling as if you are walking on soft, fluffy clouds. Starting with a foot soak, exfoliation and massage, we perform a dreamy back massage on our heated water cushions to send you off to dream land. The treatments concludes with a hydrating face mask and scalp massage. We promise it’ll leave you above the clouds and reaching for the stars, you won’t want to come back down!

5. Glorious mud

This treatment uses the finest blends of ingredients for an all exhilarating detox and purification. We start with an all over brushing technique to encourage lymphatic flow which removes waste and toxins from the body. The body is then smoothed with warm vitamin and mineral rich mud which helps to nourish and cleanse the skin. Once the mud is applied all over you are cocooned into a cosy wrap that feels like a warm hug, and finished off with a glorious face and scalp massage.

”My mother and I were treated to the most incredible spa experience at Buzby and Blue, such a wonderful, welcoming environment. The spa is gorgeous, well appointed and clean. The beauty therapists that carry out the treatments are kind, caring and attentive. Hands down, the best spa experience in the area.” - Brandy.

Once you step through our door, it’s all about you. Visit our beauty spa treatments page for prices and other treatments. Follow us @buzbyandblue on Instagram and Facebook.