Blog: Why our salon is a cut above the rest

Buzby and Blue will be hitting their 30th anniversary next year. We have grown over the years in more ways than one and we are the biggest salon in West Sussex, and although we don’t like to toot our own horn, we think it’s appropriate to let you know why you should come to our salon for all things hair and beauty.

friendly atmosphere

Although Buzby and Blue is not a family owned business, the owners Nigel and Chris are longtime friends, and the employees feel part of a family working here. There are over 45 staff members whom of which are of all ages, many who have worked here for decades, and a handful of our stylists started in the academy and have grown to become fantastic hair stylists. Every employee works as part of team in order to maintain the satisfaction of both the clients and their colleagues. We take pride in our customer service from the moment you step through our door, during those long hours in the chair, and from the moment you leave.


We have a variety of services here at Buzby and Blue from mircoblading, to spray tans, to lip fillers. For our hair services we have seven stylist levels and varying prices for you to choose from. We often promote our stylists to a higher level due to their hard work. If you weren't aware of the beauty and spa treatments we do upstairs, now you do (although we will warn you, you may become addicted). Take a look at all of our beauty and spa services here: http://www.buzbyandblue.com/beauty-spa/treatments.


We are proud to promote our accessibility facilities for the disabled and elderly. We have a mobile ramp on handy for wheelchair access for the entrance of our salon, and our staff are always there to lend a helping hand if needed. We always have a fantastic Japanese forward facing hair wash basin specifically designed for wheelchair users, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your wheelchair at any time.

Training academy

We have a training academy upstairs and every Wednesday and Thursday our trainee stylists practice hair in preparation to becoming graduate stylists. If you are on a budget, and can not afford the salon prices why not be a model for one of our trainee stylists, they are constantly monitered by our salon managers - so you don’t have worry about any mishaps, all that we ask is that you have a little extra patience! Many of our stylists started in our training academy, so they have been taught from the very best early on.

Everything is under one rooF

If you are someone who constantly need to keep up with tan, nails and eyelashes, we’ve got you covered, or if you are someone who just likes to treat yourself to a spa treatment from time to time - we’ve also got you covered! Essentially you can go from getting your hair done downstairs, to getting your nails down just by moving a few steps. What’s especiallly great about this you don’t have to worry about being late to your next appointment, you can get all of your maintenance done without wasting an entire day, and you can even get a beauty treatment done during that time when you are waiting for your hair to set.

Complimentary drinks

An unlimited amount of hot and cold drinks and called drinks are on offer, we a sweet treat on the side. If you feeling extra fancy, you can purchase alcoholic beverages or smoothies during your time in the chair to help you in the relaxation process, or in celebration of a special event with your accompanying party. Also keep an eye out in the reception area for free hair or beauty samples on display, perfect for finding potential products you didn’t know you needed! If your lucky to be in our salon when 11am hits then you will be offered a free KitKat for KitKat hour!

Loyalty cards

We want to reward clients who are loyal to us. We hand out loyalty cards, and for every three visits, as a thank you we give you a discount or freebie. We have one catered for women, men and a separate one for the beauty spa. The more visits you make, the better the rewards get! Just make sure that you remember to get your  loyalty card stamped every time you visit so that every visit counts.


We offer discounts to students and O.A.P’s (over 65’s) Monday through Thursday all year round. If you are a student, just make sure to show a valid student ID. We are also constantly promoting discounts and competitions on our social media so keep an eye out!

Beautiful interior

We think it’s safe to say that our salon interior is impressive from the outset. When you first enter you are greeted with stunning chandlers and an open plan reception area with a cosy waiting area. Both the upstairs and downstairs is inspired with shabby chic, British and vintage accents. There is always something to admire during your long or short stay from unique animal themed lamps, to ornate wallpaper to keep you occupied when at the washing station (with the option of a leather foot pouffe might we add). At the back of the salon we even have a selfie station where you can take selfies in front of our custom back drop, evenly lit with a ring light. 

Wig fitting service

We have a private room available for anyone who is looking to get a custom wig made and fitted. This service is designed for people who have either lost or are losing their hair. The stylists who specialise in wig fittings have been trained by Adernas UK Limited in order to provide immaculate service during such a life changing transition. This is a perfect example of how hair can help to bring confidence and joy back to someone’s life during a difficult time.

air conditioning

During the warmer months we have air coniditioning in every room at all times. With the unexpected heatwaves, you can be sure to be greeted with a cool air as you come away from the busy highstreet.

These are just a few of the reasons why we believe you should become our next loyal client. We hope this may have convinced you to step into our salon and see what all the fuss is about. We understand how something as simple as getting your hair done can better your mood, and we want nothing more then to be the contributing factor to you feeling (and looking) fabulous.